Author Paul Sanders with Aaron Keller on LawNewz Network

LawNewz Network

Author, Paul Sanders, talks true crime with Reporter, Aaron Keller, of ‘Making a Murderer’ fame on LawNewz Network.

Thank you to everyone who watched my interview with Aaron Keller on LawNewznetwork. It was an honor and a privilege.

We were able to discuss my three books, three cases and three juries. More importantly, I thought it imperative that I not only mention juries and the difficult task of interpreting the law, but also that we never forget the impacts left on the families of the victim.

To that, I specifically mentioned Mindi Harrell, Tanisha Sorenson and Pamela Jamison Mantle!

We will never forget the victims, Dale Harrell, Travis Alexander and a wonderful family of six: Wayne, Judy, Scott, Erica, Olivia and Nathan. They will all live in my heart forever.

For all the support along the way, as mentioned in the interview too, I thank all of you as readers and fb friends. You are why I do what I am blessed to do.


Paul Sanders