APRIL13, 2015

5:31 PM


The good relationships that have developed as a result of this trial might be said to be the manifestation of the spirit of Travis Alexander.  It is within that thought that we would like to honor not only the memory of Travis Alexander but also honor the family of Travis.  Further, the victims of violent crime everywhere are not forgotten by those who have  survived.


This simple act shows our unity in our search for justice for Travis Alexander and victims of violent crime.  We want to send a message that says we care and thoughts of the family of Travis Alexander are in our hearts.  It may be a thought, a prayer, a wish and a hope that we always strive for justice for the victim and their families.

It is up to each individual how they would like to honor Travis Alexander.  If you should choose a balloon release, please use biodegradable balloons.  As if this writing, Party City has not made biodegradable balloons available.  Do not use foil balloons and avoid strings.


You may choose to plant a plant or you may want to release Chinese Lanterns.  It is your prerogative to hang balloons on your house instead of releasing them if you cannot find biodegradable balloons. It is up to you how you would like to remember Travis Alexander and his family.


All that counts is that we are united in our thoughts of Justice for Travis Alexander and his family at 5:31 PM (PST) on April 13, 2015.


Locally, we will will have a collective gathering at Liberty Park in Phoenix (not Anthem) at 12th Ave and Van Buren St.  This will occur at 5:31 PM and all are invited to share.

Liberty Park Phoenix, AZ Balloons For Travis April 13, 2015 5:31 PM (PST)


Also, stayed tuned for the airing of “Snapped” on NBC’s Oxygen on Sunday night, April 12, 2015.  This is the story of Dale Harrell and his murder by Marissa DeVault.  I will honor Dale with Travis on Monday night as a similar victim of violent crime.

Please post a picture and thought of your tribute to Travis Alexander and his family under #BalloonsForTravis

“What a long strange trip it’s been…” Grateful Dead: Truckin’


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Paul Sanders

The 13th Juror MD


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