BALLOONS FOR TRAVIS: UPDATE #1 April 13, 2015 @ 5:31 PM

BALLOONS FOR TRAVIS (Small)EVENT: Balloons for Travis Update.

April 13, 2015 @ 5:31 PM (PST)

The response to a balloon release has been incredible.  It is clear that many people around the world look forward to the day of the judge’s decision regarding justice for Travis Alexander and his family.

I received numerous requests and notifications of the danger of balloons to both wildlife and our environment.  We want this to be a tribute to the memory of Travis Alexander but not at the cost of leaving a footprint on the world around us.

I was surprised to learn that this nation’s largest supplier of balloons does not make Biodegradable Balloons available, Party City.  I am working up the chain of command within that organization to see the viability of making biodegradable balloons available for this event.

In the meantime, might I ask that you spend a moment and call your local balloon retailer to see if biodegradable balloons are available.

I have also attached a “Party City” customer service contact.  If you would spend a moment dropping them a line requesting that biodegradable balloons be made available, that would certainly be appreciated!

If we are unsuccessful at having biodegradable balloons available, would we consider, instead, hanging the balloons at our homes to show our support.

Thank you for the feedback as we using this “stumbling stone as an opportunity…”

Updates to follow so we are on the same page.

J*4*T*!  J*4*D*!