BALLOONS FOR TRAVIS Update #2 April 13, 2015 5:31 PM (PST)

This letter was sent to Party City Executives March 26, 2015 J4T J4D Balloons for Travis


Dear Michael Graham and Party City Executives,


We have a simple request that may be mutually beneficial to both of us.


“Balloons for Travis” is a worldwide balloon release scheduled on April 13 at 5:31 PST.  This tribute was promoted on social media via Facebook and Twitter has the support has been nothing less than staggering.  It is a tribute to the family of Travis Alexander in honor of their murdered son.  The event is timed on the day that the judge makes the final decision regarding justice for Travis Alexander and the sentencing of Jodi Arias.


This trial has captured the attention of millions of people around the globe.  The finish of the trial has taken over two years to complete.  People are engaged and prepared for this tribute on April 13, 2015.

As the promoter of this event, We were not aware about the harm of latex balloons if they were used in this event.  I, along with 1000’s of others, prefer not to cause damage to our environment through the use of standard latex balloons.  This event is meant to be positive and I did not expect the negative reaction by many on the use of latex balloons.

Simple research on line has revealed that biodegradable balloons are made and available.  I also learned that Party City does not carry this product.  We would like to promote Party City as the place to go on April 13, 2015 but our only hindrance is the availability of this type of balloon.

We realize that there are many reasons to be found for not carrying these balloons.  We only ask for one reason to make them available: That this be an honored tribute to a wonderful man who influenced millions of people.  I ask that we do this simple task for the family of Travis Alexander and the millions who want to show their continuing wish of support.

I have attached the link for the promotion which you will see comments from the thousands of Travis Alexander supporters throughout the world.

Please take our hand and help us present this tribute in a positive light with your support in making blue and purple biodegradable balloons available.  This may be beneficial for Party City as a tremendous marketing opportunity in support of a great event.


Sincerely yours,

Paul A. Sanders, Jr


The 13th Juror MD @ the13thjurormd (Twitter)




“Every good relationship that develops as a result of this Trial is the

manifestation of the Spirit of Travis Alexander.”


Justice 4 Travis Alexander…

Justice for Dale…