Deadly Sins ‘Next of Sin’ (Carnation Murders) features Author Paul Sanders

Deadly Sins 'Next of Sin'

Darren’s latest episode: ‘Next of Sin’ is on the Carnation Murders. Features author of ‘Banquet of Consequences’, Paul Sanders. Airs Friday, August 11 on Investigation Discovery ‘Deadly Sins’. Check local listings.


It was Christmas Eve of 2007 when Michele Anderson and Joseph McEnroe walked up the steps to Judy Anderson’s home, Michele’s mother. Neither Michele or Joseph dressed special for the traditional family celebration and neither one carried any Christmas presents. Instead, Michele had a 9 MM Rutger tucked in her sweatshirt while Joseph carried a .357 Magnum secured in the waist band of the back of his pants.

Within 4 hours after Michele and Joseph arrived, six members of the Anderson family would be laid to waste by the killers. It would take eight years before the first of the killers was to be tried for the murders of Wayne, Judy, Scott, Erica, Olivia and Nathan Anderson. Their trials would become the most expensive trials in Washington state history.

‘Next of Sin’ is the episode that almost never was.

As you know, I attended each day of the Michele Anderson’s trial and by November of last year, had completed the first draft of ‘Banquet of Consequences: A Juror’s Plight – The Carnation Murders Trial of Michele Anderson’ (available on Amazon). I received a phone call from marie Hegwood, a producer for ‘Deadly Sins’. Sharlene Martin was kind enough to recommend me to Marie after seeing my work. Coincidentally, I had worked with Marie before when we had created the episode on Marissa DeVault and the murder of Dale Harrell, ‘Until Lust Do Us Part (Season 5, Episode 10). She wanted the rough draft of ‘Banquet’ so she could make a presentation for the executive producers of Investigation Discovery which I quickly sent, warning her that it was truly a ‘rough’ draft.

Marie called me a few days before Christmas, her voice was laden with concern. “I don’t think I can sell this to the executives.”
“Why? What’s wrong?” I asked.
“The motive,” she responded. “No one is going to buy her murdering her whole family because her brother owed her some money. There’s no story here.”
“That’s what makes it so scary,” I said. “Nobody saw it coming.”

Apparently, someone agreed with me because the episode was filmed in the spring. I was honored to film with Pamela Mantle and Tiffany. I believe that Linda Thiele will be featured (the postal worker and friend of Judy’s who discovered the murders). I am not positive who the fifth featured guest is although I suspect either Scott O’Toole or Detective Tompkins. Of course, we all love Darren Kavinoky and I’m curious to hear his take!

From the network:
“Investigation Discovery’s true crime series Deadly Sins is now in it’s 6th season. Hosted by Criminal Behavior Expert Darren Kavinoky, this popular series airs on Friday nights.

If you’re not already a fan of Investigation Discovery (ID) network, you can quickly find the channel by going to the following Channel Finder link and entering your zip code and cable or satellite carrier. Start by clicking on this link: http://investigation.di ”

I hope to see all you there! I am excited to watch it on Friday night…maybe even twice!

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