Judy Anderson Carnation Memorial Dedication & Picnic

Carnation Anderson Memorial

Members of the community and family of Judy Anderson rededicated her Carnation, Wa Post Office.


I want to personally thank each and every person who came out to the “Judy Anderson Memorial and 1st Annual Judy Anderson Memorial Pot-Luck Picnic”. It was a truly amazing day.

Whether we were side by side digging into the hard ground of the garden or sharing the fruits of the barbeque, we all found common ground in remembering a family, not in death, but in life.

It was especially heartwarming to see so many various parts of the community to gather together. Judy would have enjoyed her great granddaughter digging for crickets in the garden. When all the vehicles began arriving at the Carnation Post Office at 10 AM, she would have smiled when she saw people bringing bags of mulch, shovels, hoes and fresh garden flowers. She would have been honored as she saw many go about the task of trimming her tree in the center of the garden.

The picnic featured a main 16 foot table with a cacophony of courses of food for every taste. Ben Anderson manned the barbeque while everyone situated the seating. Another table displayed a shrine to the Andersons with a 3 X 5 framed collage of Anderson family photos. Scott’s football jersey and hat which spoke of a time we would not forget. Wayne and Judy’s 20th Anniversary picture reminded of us of what good people they were.

The day was good for each of our souls.

I also want to thank everyone who offered their support but could not make it. You were there in spirit.

I am so glad Pamela Jamison Mantle was garden supervisor. I will not forget this all began because of our first meeting in Carnation so many months ago.

It took me a long time to find the good that can come from such evil that was the Carnation murders and I found the good in all of you. Thank you.

Our next project is a permanent memorial to all the Andersons in Carnation. The seeds were planted today.

I am already looking forward to the 2nd Annual Judy Anderson Memorial and Pot-luck Picnic.