Never Forget 9/11/2001. Exclusive Pictures From NYC.

Never Forget

Taken by amateur photographer, Corey Fox, a journey on the streets of New York on that fateful day.

I was a server manager for Rainforest Cafe at Disneyland in early September of 2001 when a server, Corey Fox, requested time off to see the Michael Jackson 50th Anniversary show at Madison Square Gardens September 10. Since we had 224 servers on staff, I accommodated his wish.

He and his friend saw the show in New York City on the evening of September 10. The experience surpassed expectations.

The next morning, September 11, he and his friend went sightseeing with the first priority being a visit to The World Trade Center. When they arrived for the trip to the observation deck, they were told it would be another half hour before they opened.

So, they exited to the streets in the shade of the Twin Towers. The first plane hit twenty minutes later.

As I recall, Corey, like so many on the streets of NYC, heard it hit with a deep, long explosion. At first, everyone who looked up, assumed a small plane collided with the first tower. It seemed that everyone ran toward the towers to get a better look.

Corey pulled out his 35MM camera and began snapping photos. He had one roll of film.

When the second plane hit, everything changed as people ran from the danger emanating from the Twin Towers.

He ran out of film before the towers fell.

This was his and our journey on that fateful day in history. These photos are dedicated to the many civilians and first responders that gave their lives.

We will never forget!