Paul Sanders writes True Crime from a juror’s perspective. His story began in 2014, when he was called to serve as a death penalty juror in the Hammer Killing Trial of Marissa DeVault. At the completion of the trial, he wrote his first True Crime book, Brain Damage: A Juror’s Tale.

Since then, Paul has gone on to write a further two True Crime books on some of the most spectacular trials in US history, Why Not Kill Her: A Juror’s Perspective – The Jodi Arias Death Penalty Retrial and Banquet of Consequences: A Juror’s Plight – The Carnation Murders Trial of Michele Anderson.

Why Not Kill Her, along with Shanna Hogan’s book, Picture Perfect: The Jodi Arias Story, has become one of the most recommended books on the subject and was publicly endorsed by the jury foreperson.

Paul’s first two books were published on Amazon and this helped to build a platform of thousands of followers who are now eagerly awaiting the release of his latest work.

Paul has been a guest on True Crime Radio, Trial Talk Live, Court Chatter, HLN and Fox. He has also been featured on NBC Oxygen’s, “Snapped,” as well as I.D. Discovery’s, “Scorned,” where he represented himself as a former juror. He has recently completed two episodes on Investigation Discovery’s “Deadly Sins”.

He currently resides in Seattle, Washington. Paul is an active member of the PNWA. He is preparing, Beyond the Pale: Rogue Juror – The Joseph McEnroe Death Penalty Trial, for release on Christmas Eve, 2017, the 10th anniversary of the Carnation murders.

“There’s never, EVER, an excuse for murder!” (from Banquet of Consequences: A Juror’s Plight)